About Bailey Tanks




Bailey Tanks was established in 1973 by Ian Bailey. Ian began his career in plastics and worked with all disciplines including extrusion moulding, injection moulding and blow moulding. They were at the forefront of plastic advancement in New Zealand, working to develop new machinery and equipment and new technology for the plastics industry.
In 1973 Ian started I H Bailey & Co (later re branded as Bailey Tanks). Since then the company has grown to be the market leader in the transport and storage of liquids with manufacturing plants in Auckland, Christchurch and Brisbane.
Bailey Tanks was originally a custom moulding company but soon became focused on designing and manufacturing containers for the transport and storage of Dangerous Goods, working closely with the larger chemical companies in New Zealand. Bailey Tanks is still one of the leading manufactures of IBCs (Intermediary Bulk Containers) in New Zealand.
Bailey Tanks have kept the structure and culture of a family owned business while giving their customers and staff the benefits of a multinational company.

The Launch of Water Tanks

The next logical step was to use the experience achieved from chemical storage to produce a range of heavy-duty water storage tanks. So in 1976 the first Bailey Water Tank was produced the BT 900. From here the range has grown to an extensive range of water tanks to suit customer’s needs including slimline and underground water tanks and storm water detention tanks.
Over the past few years Bailey Tanks has diversified again, seeing the clear need to take on a more customer focused view and provide a “one stop shop” for customers. Now Bailey Tanks can offer to their domestic and agricultural customers additional products including pumps, fittings, pipe, filter systems and valves. Bailey Tanks have aligned themselves with quality suppliers that have proven quality records and reliability. It is important to Bailey Tanks that when you buy from them you are getting the best from them and their suppliers.

Expansion in the South Island

In 1999 Bailey Tanks setup a purpose built factory in Christchurch to manufacture water tanks for the South Island market. Now Bailey Tanks is the dominent name in water tanks in the South Island.

South Auckland Head Office

In 2004 Bailey Tanks moved from West Auckland to their flagship Manukau premises where they have been able to expand their product range and output, as well as install their research and development centre.

Expansion into Australia

In 2005 Bailey Tanks expanded into Australia and have quickly established themselves as a market leader in quality and service in the Queensland market.

Company Focus

Bailey Tanks’ mission statement since day one has been to “produce the highest quality product possible” and “to provide the best possible level of service to our customers”.
In the last 35 plus years Bailey Tanks has produced excellent quality products which they are extremely proud of, but they have also continued to strive to improve their product by investing in research and development. This has allowed them to develop products such as the slimline tank range and the SUBs range of underground tanks to extend their range of water management products.
Bailey Tanks has established long term relationships with agents throughout New Zealand and Queensland by having the best service in the industry, and has always supported business in the local community by working with them.


The future of Bailey Tanks is an exciting one. Further geographical expansion is planned as well as current product development programs based on products to help the environment.
Bailey Tanks is confident in their expansion projects as their focus on quality and service has served them well for nearly 40 years.